Super Cannula Cog

360。 bidirectional cogs & w-type blunt needles

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18G 100mm Superior Cannula Cog

The latest product, 18G 100mm Superior Cannula Cog is made of 360°bidirectional cogs PDO thread (Thickness: 2, Length: 150mm) and 18G 100mm W-type CANNULA (blunt needle). 360°bidirectional cogs maximize the lifting capacity meanwhile bidirectional cogs stabilize lifting and fixation capacity of PDO cog threads. 18G 100mm W-type blunt needle can minimize pain and bleeding during surgery and swelling after surgery. Through the non-invasive surgery by 18G 100mm Superior Cannula Cog, see how you look like 10 years younger immediately.



Product Name Needle Thread Applicable Part
Super Cannula Cog 18G 100mm 2 150mm Cheek’s SMAS layer Super V lifting